13x19 inch custom portfolios
13x19 inch custom portfolios

i’ve been waiting a while for these to arrive and yesterday they finally showed up on my doorstep!!

my pal bill at lightphile studios turned me on to this woman who makes custom portfolio folders for photographers and artists.  her name is jennifer mccabe and she seems to be a talented photographer in her own right.  she also makes these portfolio folders that are just beautiful.  the covers are very sturdy, the finish is all silk and she lets you choose from any of a number of different colors for both the cover material and ribbon ties.  i even asked her if we could customize the portfolio a bit by putting a pocket on the inside front cover to hold business cards.  jennifer was able to do this at no extra cost and it looks like it will function beautifully.

for more information, please visit her web site: www.mccabephotography.com

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