Kaitlin Lara - Complications
Kaitlin Lara – Complications

so, i’ve been aware that i’ve had some 35mm Kodak P3200 film in my freezer for quite a while. some of the roles date back to the 2001-2003 time frame. i haven’t been holding onto them for any specific reason other than the fact that i don’t have a 35mm film camera anymore. but recently, Kaitlin came to visit me seeking help with a photography class she’s taking and she was using our friend Olaf’s 35mm Nikormat. i agreed to help her if she’d let me photograph her with this old film, just to see what we’d get.

one of the problems with this camera seemed to be that the film advance didn’t work that great and we wound up with a bunch of double exposures on the roll. some of them didn’t work out so great, but others, like this one, totally did.

keep in mind that the look here isn’t some digital “film grain” effect. this is the real deal. Kodak P3200 is a very high speed film and has really chunky grain structure that i love. i’m glad that these came out as nicely as they did and i’m happy to share them with you!


model: Kaitlin Lara

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