Hallowed Spaces

it’s always difficult when you’re overwhelmed with emotions, sadness, a feeling of helplessness and you don’t have anyone to share it with.  or someone who feels the same way that’s close at hand.  you want to look around and shout, “does anyone else see this?”

my dear friend Nori is watching her husband fight a very difficult battle with cancer and it’s kinda tearing me up.  the sadness of potential consequences is one thing, but i’m often overcome with a sense of helplessness that’s infuriating.  so, i develop and edit some photos and send them off to Nori, hoping it’ll bring a smile within a shared moment.

if you pray, well, do that thing.  if you feel like you’ve got healing powers, send as much as  you can to that little farmhouse in Haafsville, PA.  me, i’m gonna share my little bits of beauty created out of silver and light.  not because i think i’ll make a difference, but because i’m not sure what else to do right now.

Nori - Parlor
Nori – Parlor
Nori - With Mosby
Nori – With Mosby
Nori - With Mosby Again
Nori – With Mosby Again

model: nori

©2012 scott nichol

all rights reserved
no unauthorized use

2 thoughts on “Hallowed Spaces

  1. You are not alone my friend in your feelings. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and the photos………

    Rick Sweitzer


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