So, while I was in Portland, I got to catch up with Sam, one of the founders of Lensbaby. We’ve been passing friends on Facebook for a few years now and I didn’t want to pass up the opportunity to meet the founder of a company I truly admire. Sam was gracious enough to give me one of their new Edge 80 optics to try out with my Composer.

The Edge 80 is a really nice 80mm optic with a 12 blade aperture that opens as wide as f/2.8. But you can tilt the optic within the Composer and get a really lovely selective focus effect. It’s similar to what you can do with a view camera, but when it’s sitting on a small DSLR body you can take it places that you would never be able to go with a large format camera.

The shot below was done in a very small kitchen with natural light from the windows while I was sitting on the counter top. This would be nearly impossible to get with a view camera and I really love the creamy, soft out-of-focus areas. I think I’ll be using this quite a bit yet before I return to PA. Stay tuned for more results.

Veronica - Edge 80
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