That Look

Jillian and I hang out all the time. i see her at least once a week and we’ve talked about shooting so often, it’s not even funny any more.

So we set up a date to shoot and the night before I mixed a little bit too much Wild Turkey in with the night and it left me with a debilitating hangover.

We set up another date to shoot and Jillian (unapologetically) showed up with a nasty hangover, got a little sick, and took a nap at my place. And again, we didn’t shoot.

The following weekend, I casually said, “you want to stop by and try this again?” And the night before I text-ed her, “Behave yourself!”

And then we go this. Worth the wait, I’d say.

Natural light up in the fcuk mountain studio, Ilford Delta 100 (@200), Shen Hao 4×5 with 150mm lens.

model: Jillian

Jillian - That Look
Jillian - That Look
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