Brooke – Burgundy Triptych

it was an interesting path that led me to the look of these final images. i’ve had some red filters in my photo bag that were originally intended for shooting infrared film and i’ve almost never used them. so, recently while i was shooting with Brooke, i decided to put one of them on and shoot with my digital cam. the result was this super-saturated red monotone. a little manipulation with Photoshop to tweak the contrast and then add a colorize layer that’s then just set to shift the tones of the highlights (i’m diggin on some split toning right now) and i came up with this über-pleasing burgundy and muted yellow duotone.

dig it (if you please).

Brooke Lynne - Burgundy Triptych
Brooke Lynne - Burgundy Triptych
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