Hotter than the Sun

So I’ve got to do a portrait of my nephew tomorrow at the Iron Pigs baseball stadium and I really wanted to experiment with the whole overpowering the sun idea.  The concept is to underexpose the photo by about a stop or two and then fill in the exposure using a flash or studio strobe.  So I picked up an Alien Bees Vagabond (a battery power pack for my studio strobes) which gives me enough power to fill back in the underexposure of the foreground subject, almost totally eliminate all the harsh shadows made by the sun, and give you a brilliant, controlled exposure with rich deep blue skies.  Keep in mind that this was shot in full sunlight at 3pm.

Oh yeah, and then there’s my white trash girlie friend Lorna Doone, playin the part and doing her thang.

love it…

Lorna - WWJJD
Lorna - WWJJD

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