Frozen Infernus

getting access to the Bethlehem Steel plant is always something i’ve wanted to do and with all apologies to Machina Infernus, i always thought it would be with a nude model much better looking than these guys.  but thanks to some friends, we were able to have escorted access to locked buildings within the quickly decaying plant site and try to capture something and unique for a friend’s band.

the day started cold and grey with most of my friends south of here reporting a healthy accumulation of snow.  the storm was predicted to start in the lehigh valley around 3:00pm, just shortly after the time we would be getting started.  and of course as we were pulling into the facility, the snow started to fall.  large parts of the ceiling are missing in the building known as Machine Shop No. 2.  the falling snow combined with the cavernous machine shop and Rich’s steely gaze just brings home everything i love about photographer as an expressive art.

it’s all serendipity and being lucky enough to have the weather cooperate in ways that make for something special.  but then again, i really believe that if you surround yourself with the right people, good things will always happen.


Machina Infernus - Machine Shop No.2
Machina Infernus - Machine Shop No.2
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