my new camera!

The Argus 75
The Argus 75

Who wants to set up a shoot?!? I got a new camera with a built-in-flash!!

I was digging around on line, reading a bit about polaroid, transfers, and basically doing some research on vintage cameras. I remembered that my folks at one time had an old Polaroid camera and wondered if they still had it. We talked about it over dinner tonight and my mother disappeared to go find it. (At this point, any old piece of junk she can get out of her house just makes her so happy.) But what she came up with was this old Argus Seventy-Five (Argus SF for short). It used to take 620 film which is the same width as today’s 120 film, but the 620 spools have a slightly smaller diameter.

Its a nice twin-lens reflex camera, so you look down into a viewfinder held at about chest height to compose your shot. There is one shutter speed that’s about 1/125th of a second. Not sure what the aperture is, usually they were around f/13 or so. The flash is actually detachable and there were several unused filament bulbs in the camera bag with it.

I’ve shot before with my friend George’s Brownie and got some interesting results. The next chance I get, I’ll be putting a roll of Ilford Delta through it and we’ll see what happens. In the meantime, I’ll have to do some more research to try to find out what the aperture opening looks like.  For the moment, I’ve re-spooled a roll of Ilford Delta 400 based on the instructions at the brownie camera place web site.  I’ll wait until I’ve got a good subject and the right kind of light to guess might be correct exposure.

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