Drill Baby, Drill!!

In the recent vice presidential debates, republican candidate Sarah Palin exclaimed, “Drill baby, drill!!” inferring that there is lots of oil off the shores of our own country. And this is how they propose to solve our energy problems.

Do you ever think that in our evolution as a species that we will figure out that sucking everything out of the ground that the earth ha to offer and burning it might not be the best way to power our lives?

Wind, solar and other renewable sources along with frugal conservation methods can bring us so much closer to energy independance than more drilling, draining, and burning ever could.

Time to start thinking differently about lots of things and this is a fundamental difference in approach to this problem that proves to me that I can not support this McCain ticket.

One thought on “Drill Baby, Drill!!

  1. I agree. Politicians cater to the immediate fix. I remember back in the 70s and the gas crisis. I would hear people say they would keep driving until the gas ran out rather than conserve. Some may look on as ugly but wind farms would seem to me the way of the future though I heard John McCain today talking about using coal!! Maybe there is new coal which doesn’t have the problems of years past?? It is the McDonald’s syndrome of immediate gratification!!


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